Voici à présent une info trouvée sur le forum autisme de yahoo qui démontre, s'il en était besoin, les bienfaits du sport pour les autistes en particulier et les handicapés en général. Cela se passe en Turquie ...

Encore des nouvelles du centre sportif en Turquie. Cette fois une jeune fille qui avait des comportements très agressifs vers elle-même et les autres, on peut voir son évolution dans la vidéo. Vous pouvez trouver ici bas (en anglais) des informations supplémentaires données par un papa Turque qui a visité ce centre.

http://www.dailymot ion.com/relevanc e/search/ otizm/video/ x6k9ut_ege- denz-otzm- ve-spor-2008_ sport


Hello everybody,

Perhaps,some of you may remember that I gave a link in the past regarding a boy who was playing table tennis..Anyway, this year I made a visit to this place in my country,Turkey. It is a beautiful surrounding area,lake,forest, ski resort.
.Basically a group of very special professional people are working with the children with autism.There were kids aged from 5 to 19 and they all looked calm,focused and happy.No stereotype behaviour I noticed...These kids have lots of behavioural problems which associated with autism.Families let them to participate in these intense sport activities.The activities are one to one and designed for child's needs under the supervision of professional sport coaches.
I will give you a link..You will see a girl whose mother is on my autism group.She and her family had a very hard time,despite all sort of medical and educational (ABA) intervention she got in a stage which she became very aggressive and self harming.She had many break downs during the day,lasted 15 -10 min .After a year of these intensive sport activities she is having a few times breakdown and last for only 2-3 minutes.She builds up many skills as you can see on the video.
In fact seeing this inspiring videos,many people on my group started working table tennis with their children,include me.Every night 10 min,.on the kitchen table we are doing.It is perfect activity to improve attention,focus ,hand-eye coordination and my son started responding..
Kids can learn if we know how to teach them.That's I believe,it's a hard work but rewarding.They are preparing kids for the Special Olympics..The bar is never low on their agenda..High expectations and kids seem to be happy with .I wish I could set up something like that here.
Here is the link:
http://www.dailymot ion.com/relevanc e/search/ otizm/video/ x6k9ut_ege- denz-otzm- ve-spor-2008_ sport

If anyone gets more information about this,please contact me.I think soon,I will approach to all autism groups to introduce them and their successful approach perhaps arrange a seminar,who knows..!!